Swindon 2 Colchester 2

King, Still in a job
Before the game Colchester had only scored six goals all season, and had never scored more than one goal in a goal.

Swindon got off to the worst possible start when a poor free kick came to Bart Griemink he somehow managed to miss it to allow Scott McGleish to score an unlikely goal.

The rest of the first half went in the normal way with Swindon have most of the play, but rarely getting a shot on target with Invincibile coming closer to the clock than the goal from less than five yards out.

Griemink has been Swindon's best players in most games this season, but he made another mistake shortly after half time to allow Colchester to get a second.

As more and more Swindon fans from all three sides of the ground were signing "You Not Fit To Wear The Shirt" "King Out" etc Gurney headed in a Jackson corner on 66 minutes, although this didn't get much of a cheer.

Two Minutes later however Swindon were level when Eric Sabin got a much needed goal for himself, and the club from inside the box.

Towards the end Swindon did come quite close to getting a winner, with Davis coming close, but overall a 2-2 draw was a fair result in a game that on paper looked like it would end in a 0-0 draw.

The draw moves Swindon down a place in the table to 22nd just above Mansfield, and Cheltenham.