Notts County 1 Swindon 1

The game was delayed by 15 mins due to an accident, but when it finally go under way it was a good game.
After much pressure Swindon took the lead on 32 minutes when Sam Parkin scored his 7th goal of the season from close range.

Eric Sabin had three good chances in the second half and some how managed to miss all of them. His best was a 25 yead shot from just outside the area which went just wide.

Notts County then started to pile on the pressure hitting the post, and they scored with a close range shot by Bolland which beat Griemink whith just 15 minutes to go.

Overall a 1-1 draw was fair result which both sides having good chances, it was a good end to end game, and the first Swindon game for a while where there were no "King Out" chants.