TrustSTFC welcome Lib Dem support for motion to redevelop County Ground

(Thurs Nov 18th) calling on the council and the New Swindon
Company to talk to Swindon Town Football Club about the options for
redeveloping the County Ground.

TrustSTFC chairman Tony Norris commented "We have said all along that this
is not a party political issue, so we are delighted that the motion is
starting to garner the cross-party support it deserves. We firmly believe
that this initiative is in the best interests of the town as a whole, and so
would urge councillors to set aside party political considerations and work
together with the club, supporters and local residents."

The Trust are seeking to obtain cross-party support from all political
groups on SBC and are discussing their position with the Labour Group, as
well as continuing consultations with the Liberal Democrats and Conservative
groups, both of whom are now behind the motion. We hope that by the time the
motion is debated before full council on November 18th, we will be able to
have achieved a workable consensus that all parties feel able to support in
the best interests of the town.