TrustSTFC: Thank you to the Wills family.

"Through all our work, the debt of gratitude that is owed the Wills family has become abundantly clear. The family through Sir Seton and James Wills have insured this club's survival by constantly reaching into their own pockets to prop it up financially." stated trust chairman Tony Norris.

"Whilst we have been very active in raising the concerns of Trust members, we have always had the comfort of knowing that Sir Seton Wills has been able to put a structure in place that will insure the long term survival of the football club." added Norris.

"Now is the time for all Swindon Town fans to be united" Stated Trust Vice Chairman Andy Ratcliffe. "The Wills family have committed themselves to help give the club a future, and as supporters we must do the same. Everyone involved with the club needs to be pulling in the same direction, and that starts by the fans being united in support of the team when they are out on the pitch." Added Ratcliffe.