TrustSTFC speak, but without an Ivory Tower!

After a change of heart, STFC Chief Executive Mark Devlin and Director Bob Holt will be attending the meeting.

"Fans are baffled and bewildered by the poor performances on and off the field" stated TrustSTFC Treasurer Leigh Collett. "The only sound coming from the County Ground's Ivory Tower is telling fans to turn up and back the team, stop haranguing the players and/or manager, to whine that the crowd numbers are too low, or too blame someone else for their problems. It is obvious to most fans that the information coming from the club contains little or no information of value. A real Board of Directors would be telling us the problems and how they were going to resolve them. There's little point in telling us crowd of 4,000 could kill the club and that they really need 5,500, what we want to know is how they are going to entice people back to the County Ground."

"This club is not interested in what the fans think or do, as long as they turn up to games." stated Tony Norris, TrustSTFC Chairman. "The Board of this club is a total sham, appearing to only communicate externally after seeking consent from Sir Seton Wills' advisor Mike Diamandis, who also happens to be Managing Partner of Dunwoody Sports Marketing."

"They have increased ticket prices to the point that many felt the value was poor at the beginning of the season. Is it any wonder that the crowds have dwindled now." commented Collett. "There were alternatives to making such drastic price increases, but Diamandis' arrogance in failing to consult with supporters groups meant that they took the easiest route to making the budget balance on paper, but this took no account of the fickle nature and personal finances of football fans."

"On Monday night, as well as giving our perception on the state of the club, we will also make sure fans understand the importance of attending games now and what they can do to ensure this club survives under strong stewardship that is only focussed on the long-term survival and success of the club, without ulterior motives" continued Norris.

TrustSTFC would remind fans attending the forum that the GW Bar has a 'no football shirt' dress code that should be respected.