TrustSTFC: Flight to save club

"With due respect to Sir Seton & the Wills family, TrustSTFC refute the claims made in yesterday's press statement - in that we (TrustSTFC) have in any way criticised any Wills family members."

"It has never been the intention of TrustSTFC to cause any offence to the Wills family. We are well aware of their vital contribution in the past and their essential role in securing the club’s future. It is a matter of record that we have publicly thanked the Wills family for their continued support of the club. We feel that Sir Seton’s feelings are largely down to a communication problem" Stated TrustSTFC Chairman Tony Norris.

"We were somewhat taken by surprise that Sir Seton felt it necessary to publicly lambaste the supporters trust in his press statement".

"We met with Mark Devlin & Bob Holt as recently as last Saturday, and it was hoped that we'd effectively cleared up the apparent breakdowns in lines of communication that may have caused past conflict." Added Norris.

"We have not had an opportunity to sit down with Sir Seton in a face-to-face situation for many months," said TrustSTFC Vice Chairman Andy Ratcliffe.

"This apparent bad-feeling between Sir Seton and the supporters trust needs to nipped in the bud before it gets out of hand"

"We believe that Sir Seaton is currently out of the country on business in Southern Africa. If necessary, either myself, Tony (Norris), or Leigh (Collett) will catch a flight out to Africa next week in an effort to meet with Sir Seton".

"If that's what it takes to convince Sir Seton that TrustSTFC truly have the best interests of the football club at heart and we can resolve any misunderstandings on both sides, then the cost of the return flight would be money very well spent. We feel that strongly that Sir Seton, the STFC board and the Trust can move this club forward to a secure and prosperous future," added Ratcliffe.