Protests Planned

The protest is planned to take place behind the Arkells stand to shows that some fans are unhappy at the non football management at the club, and the failed take overs.

TrustSTFC issused a statement saying:

Despite news of talks with new potential investors, TrustSTFC are pressing
ahead with plans for fans to protest about the financial plight of the club
at the match against Tranmere Rovers this Saturday.

Despite the welcome news that the club has secured some breathing space over
the money owed to the Inland Revenue this does not fundamentally change the
situation. At best it merely buys the club a little more time. Fans would at
least be a little more reassured if the club would reveal the names of the
new investors and some indication of their plans for the club.

The fact remains that the club still has to find substantial funds to pay
the final CVA instalment as well as its other pressing debts and the only
realistic way for this to be achieved is for the current owners to sell the
club. They have had six years to get the club on a secure financial footing
and have failed to do so.

However, in view of a plea from Paul Sturrock for any protests to be
confined to after the match, we are postponing plans for a March and
occupation of the Magic Roundabout, and will instead put all our efforts on
Saturday into after-match protests outside the main entrance to the ground.

Trust communications officer Andy Ratcliffe commented :"We are in a
difficult position because fans voted clearly on Monday night for protests
both before and after the game this Saturday. However, all fans recognise
the superb job Paul Sturrock and the players have been doing in very
difficult circumstances and we do not wish to upset them in any way. The
after-match protest was always intended to be the main focus of protests for
the day, and that will remain the case."

"We would also like to remind all fans of the need to safeguard their
reputation, and that of the club. Protests should be noisy and passionate,
but remain at all times non-violent and within the bounds of the law" added

After consulting with the Police, TrustSTFC are advising fans against any
form of pitch invasion at any time. Invading the pitch is a criminal offence
and fans are reminded that they are leaving themselves open to prosecution
and being banned from future matches if they choose to ignore this advice.