Open Letter to TrustSTFC from Sir Seton Wills

However, in light of the Supporters Trust’s continual negative criticism I must question my family’s future financial commitment.

Words cannot express the anger and hurt we feel at the unfounded, and misinformed comments expressed in public by the Trust’s Directors.

They have, over the last nine months, successfully through their naivety undermined the efforts of both the Board of STFC and that of my business associates in our attempt to secure a future for the Club.

Furthermore my family and I are disturbed by the outrageous suggestion that the sole purpose of forming the New Company, Swindon Town FC Ltd., was to, sometime in the future, strip the Club of its assets. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Also the Trust’s Directors claim the Board of STFC have not kept them up to date and informed. I made it perfectly clear, when I met them earlier this year, my total confidence in our strategy to secure a future for the Club. I understand also that the Board has had in the past held meetings with Trust’s Directors in an attempt to keep them informed of our progress.

Solely as a result of the Trust’s Directors behaviour the Club has regretfully lost the services of Dunwoody Marketing. The consequence of which my family is again under pressure from the Board to fund the financial void and provide banking and credit facilities in addition to monies we have previously committed.

Quite frankly I must question the wisdom of doing so in light of the Trust’s continual vitriolic aggression. I suggest therefore that Tony Norris, Andy Radcliffe and Leigh Collett give me an undertaking to refrain from further unwarranted attacks on the STFC Board and its Associates.

I understand that, according to the Trust, I turned down an offer £2 million from a third party to buy my family’s shares. This is totally untrue and indeed another example of malicious gossip.

Finally I am informed that the Trust’s Directors have indicated that they have the resources to take over the future funding of the Club. If this is the case my family are happy to hand over free of charge to the Trust our holding in both the New Co. and the Old Co. providing we are repaid in full the money lent to both companies over the last few years.

Yours sincerely
Sir Seton Wills
A loyal and dedicated supporter of the ‘Robins’