No More Dunwoody

A statement from the club said:

Mark Devlin the Chief Executive of STFC claimed that the continual
bombardment of undue and unsubstantiated adverse publicity was having a
detrimental affect on the Club’s marketing effort.

‘Both DSM and the Club thought regretfully, that in the circumstances, this
move would be in the best interests of the Club’ said Devlin

However, he said that the Board had only reluctantly agreed to the
termination after lengthy and protracted discussions with the Dunwoody
Partnership last week. He added that ’The Club would now as a result have to
address the immediate cash flow implications brought about by the decision.’

Devlin says the Dunwoody contract had enormous benefits in terms of
providing banking and credit facilities to the Club not to mention funding
the marketing effort ’ We will now be faced with an up hill task of filling
the financial void left by this decision,’ he explained.

The recent, mostly misguided, ill informed but moreover sometimes vulgar
publicity emanating from certain quarters has hampered the Club’s commercial
initiative. Furthermore Devlin claims the negative publicity has ’defiantly
created an underlying reluctance in the business community to support the

The Board of STFC totally sympathises with the DSM decision. The partners
and employees of Dunwoody Sports Marketing live in Wiltshire and Berkshire
and Devlin claims that because of the wrongful and hurtful criticism to
continue with the contract may be to the detriment of both their livelihood
and their families.

’Would you want to carry on whilst having to endure this unfounded hype?
asked Devlin.

Nick Prescott and Sandy Gray have resigned as Directors of STFC but Devlin
pointed out that ‘Nick and Sandy and indeed DSM would make their best
endeavours to ensure minimal disruption during the transition’. However,
Mark Devlin emphasised the difficulties the club will now face without the
Dunwoody Sports Marketing facilities.

Staff currently employed by DSM were notified of the decision last Friday
and will, during the course of this week, have their contracts of employment
transferred to STFC.

Brian Wood, Head of Catering, said ‘It’s a shame because the whole operation
was beginning to gain momentum but we have been assured that all the staff
will retain continuity of service therefore its business as usual at the
County Ground. I trust that our suppliers will continue to support us.’