New Kit

Strikeforce are one of the countries leading suppliers of Kit and leisurewear to professional football clubs. They currently have kit supply agreements with Millwall, Bristol Rovers and Colchester United and provide several premiership sides with a wide range of leisurewear.

Mark Devlin, Chief Executive STFC said " We received several complaints from supporters last year following the late arrival of replica kit and by appointing Strikeforce we have entered a relationship with a company who fully understand our requirements and can demonstrate several successful agreements with other clubs."

"It is only fair to inform the fans that, in order to maximise the value of our kit deal, there will be a new home and away kit launched in both of the next two seasons. However, we do fully understand the financial strain that this can place on our supporters and therefore we are very pleased to announce that the prices of the new replica shirts has been dramatically reduced to £29.99 Adults and £24.99 Kids. To the best of our knowledge this is the first time that an English Club has launched a kit at under £30. Previously this type of price would only have been available from high street retailers. I hope our fans will understand our need to maximise the revenue we can generate from our merchandise and will recognise our efforts to make it as affordable as possible.

"The club is looking for the supporters to choose the design of both home and away kits, through an online vote - starting today. Supporters will have a week to vote for their choice of away shirt and then next week will be asked to vote on the new home shirt design. The plan is to launch the away kit in late May and the home kit in June, giving plenty of time for Town fans to purchase their kit before the summer holidays. All you have to do is click on the replica shirt you'd like to see in action next season from those below - and your votes will be counted by us here at the club. You have until next Thursday to vote and then we'll give you the home options. And don't worry there is no chance of the vote being hijacked - measures have been taken to ensure a good clean vote, unaffected by fans of other clubs!