It's All Gone Quiet Over There: Trust Press Release.

"During difficult periods at any club, fans expect resolute action from the Board Room, whatever that may be, to ensure that all supporters understand that the Board has a firm grip of the situation and is working to resolve it" stated TrustSTFC Chairman Tony Norris. "But the Board at Swindon Town Football Company seems to have retreated into their room and battened down the hatches, as if they don't exist!".

"We've even written to the Board asking specific questions about our concerns over the running of the club - not just as supporters, but as shareholders" continued to Norris. "We've yet to have a formal reply".

"Positive action and statements of intent need to be seen from all of the Board and senior management at the club as it appears to be drifting aimlessly with little or no direction." commented TrustSTFC treasurer Leigh Collett. "The combination of poor results, high ticket prices and poor communication with the fans are driving them away, something must be done to stop this" continued Collett.

"In the past we have found that the fans forums we have run have provided an ideal opportunity for the club's Directors and Andy King to build bridges with the fans and explain the difficult situation they are working under and what they are trying to do ", continued Norris, "For that reason we invited speakers from the club to a meeting we were hoping to run before the end of the month, but this opportunity was declined. There is an arrogance at this club now that wasn't even present when Messrs Donegan and Blatchley were running it, and is Worse than the Hunt/McMahon regime. The dialogue with the club when Bob Holt was running affairs was always conducted on a professional basis and we felt we had developed an element of trust between the parties. Unfortunately with Mr Devlin this is not now the case."

TrustSTFC will be announcing a date and venue for a fans forum shortly, where they will provide their understanding of the current situation at the club, warts and all!